French Migrant Camp ‘The Jungle’ Being Cleared by Authorities

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In the French town Calais, a migrant camp known has “The Jungle” is now being forced to clear out by the authorities. It currently holds over 6,000 refugees who migrated to France after escaping their war-torn home countries of Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, and other nations. After two years, the notorious camp is now going to be closed down permanently.

The refugees were given two choices. They could either seek asylum in France or go back to their own countries. Obviously, they are choosing to seek asylum which means they have to be processed and then taken by bus to other towns and cities in France. Right now, there are long lines of refugees still waiting to be processed.

The French authorities sent over 1,000 police officers to the camp to manage the transition and maintain peace there. The Calais Jungle grounds contain tents, huts, and makeshift houses where the refugees have been living for the last two years. Once the French police got there, they started evicting migrants immediately and then burned down their temporary structures.

Many of the refugees want to go to Great Britain because they speak a language they are somewhat familiar with. Thousands of refugees have already attempted to do this by hiding in trucks which are traveling to the Eurotunnel but very few ever succeed in doing so.

Britain authorities are making special considerations for children to come to the United Kingdom because they fear that many of these kids will turn to human traffickers in order to get into Britain. As for the adults, they are currently not being accepted into Britain which makes it difficult for families with adults and children in them.  This means they are going to have to be split up.

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