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Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Loses Election and Does Not Accept the Results

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The African country of Gambia just had an election and the results were not too pleasing for the current President Yahya Jammeh because he lost the election. Adama Barrow is now the country’s president-elect but it doesn’t seem like President Jammeh is going to go away quietly. Jammeh is now demanding a new election take place, which is causing him great backlash from his opponent and millions of Gambian citizens.

President-elect Barrow stated that President Jammeh does not have the constitutional authority to demand that a new election take place. Instead, Barrow is pleading with Jammeh that he help make the transition of power as smooth as possible without any conflicts. If he doesn’t, then it will be up to the Independent Electoral Commission to officially declare Barrow the winner. They are the only authority that can overpower the demands of Jammeh to have a new election.

Jammeh has ruled Gambia for 22 years and has lost a lot of his popularity within that time. He has been accused on multiple occasions of violating people’s human rights and doing other brutal things that most civilized leaders would never do. As far as the election results go, he conceded to Barrow just last week after it was announced that Jammeh lost. Then a week later, he changed his mind because of supposed investigations which suggested that there were many irregularities in the way the votes were counted. Of course, this is what Jammeh says but who knows if it’s really true or not.

Other countries, including the United States, have denounced Jammeh’s position on the election. On Saturday, the African Union urged for their security forces to stay neutral throughout this transition process. This came after Gambian soldiers took to the streets of Gambian’s capital, Banjul, because thousands of Gambian citizens shut down shops due to their outrage of Jammeh’s position.

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