Generous “Secret Santa” Pays for All Items on Layaway at Walmart in Pennsylvania

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The term “Secret Santa” is often associated with an anonymous individual who generously denotes money or toys to people or charitable organizations that desperately need them. This year, it looks like Santa has visited the small town of Everett, Pennsylvania.

According to the manager of a Walmart in Everett, he received an anonymous phone call last week from someone who called himself “Santa B.” Naturally, someone might think this was a prank caller or hoaxer but it turned out that it wasn’t. The manager, Ryan Kennedy, had a conversation with this Santa caller and it resulted in Santa promising to cover the costs of all the layaway items in the store that were reserved for customers who had yet to pay for them.

In an interview with CNN, Kennedy said he was in “complete disbelief” that someone would be this generous. The total cost of all the store’s layaway items adds up to $46,265.59. This is the amount that “Santa B” agreed to pay to the store. As a result, all of the customers who were waiting on those layaway items will now get them before Christmas without having to pay for them. This is certainly a great Christmas present to many families who are going to benefit tremendously from it.

“Santa B” and the store manager had arranged a time for someone associated with Santa to come and drop off the check at the store. According to Kennedy, the store received the money that was promised on Wednesday. Immediately afterward, employees of the store began calling over 190 layaway account holders and told them that all their layaway items have already been paid for and they can now come to the store to pick them up. For some of these people, it literally brought tears to their eyes because they likely wouldn’t have been able to afford these items themselves in time for Christmas.

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