Georgia Father in Son’s “Hot Car” Death Receives a Life Sentence

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Justin Ross Harris was the Georgia father who was previously convicted of murdering his young infant son, Cooper, by leaving him strapped to his car seat while Harris ate lunch and went to work. The incident happened during the month of June about two years ago, so it was very hot in the car which resulted in Cooper dying of hyperthermia.

On Monday, Harris was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Defense attorneys for Harris had argued that he merely forgot that his son was in the back seat of his car while he went to work. However, the prosecutors had another story to tell that involved Harris purposely leaving his son in the hot car because he didn’t want the responsibility of being a father anymore.

Prosecutors also presented evidence of Harris sexting numerous women, even though he was married himself. This wouldn’t normally mean anything as it relates to his son’s death, except for the fact that he was sexting women at the time his son was left in the car. The jurors who heard the case were apparently convinced that Harris purposely wanted his son dead and tried to make it look like an accident.

Leanna Taylor was Harris’s wife at the time of the original incident, but earlier this year she divorced him. Despite her knowing about Harris’s sexting with other women, she gave a testimony in his defense where she described him as a loving father that did many things for his son like cooking meals, bathing him, cooking his meals, and even watching cartoons with him.

Taylor also acknowledged there were problems in their marriage, but she did not believe that her husband would ever have intentionally wanted to kill Cooper. The case itself has gained national attention since it was first reported two years ago. There are some people who believe it was an accident while others think it was done on purpose.

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