Giant Tree Falls at Wedding Party and Kills a Woman

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Authorities in California are now launching an investigation into the unusual killing of a woman which occurred after a large Eucalyptus tree fell at a wedding party taking place in a Southern California park. After the tree fell, one woman died and five guests were injured, including a four-year-old girl.

The Eucalyptus tree was 100 feet tall, so it seems kind of unusual that it would just fall over out of the blue. People at the Penn Park wedding party in Whittier had taken pictures of the tree before it fell over. Once it did fall, many people had become trapped underneath the tree’s limbs. Over 100 firefighters and police officers arrived at the scene after it was reported to 9-1-1. Rescue workers were forced to use chain saws to cut away the limbs of the tree so they could rescue the people trapped underneath them.

Right now, the victim who was killed has not been identified to the public nor has the little girl who was injured seriously. It is reported that the young child received trauma to the head when the tree fell on her. Everyone else’s injuries were minor and they are expected to make a full recovery. According to one witness, the woman who died was probably related to the bride. She may have even been her mom because the witness stated that the bride had screamed for someone to help her mom.

Penn Park is a popular place where numerous couples have held their weddings at. Nothing like this has ever happened there at anyone else’s wedding before. Early on, there was some speculation that perhaps the drought that California experienced had caused the roots of the tree to weaken, and then the weakened roots got soft after the recent heavy rains came down on them. There is no reason to think that criminal activity was involved here.

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