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Governor Rick Scott Warns Floridians to Get Ready for Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricane Matthew is a Category 4 storm with winds going up to 150 miles-per-hour. It just passed through Haiti, leaving over 20 inches of rain behind in its tracks. Now it is heading toward Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and then to the Bahamas after that. The hurricane will eventually head up towards the eastern coast of Florida. Forecasters aren’t exactly sure how far inland the hurricane will go, but they do believe those in Central Florida will get hit the hardest after it passes over Miami in the south.

Florida Governor Rick Scott made a public announcement on Tuesday where he referred to the hurricane as “extremely dangerous.” He said Hurricane Matthew is going to hit Florida directly and that he’ll have 500 National Guard Members available to assist Floridians by Wednesday. Floridians are encouraged to prepare for the storm now by purchasing 3 days’ worth of food and supplies. This includes batteries, generators and whatever else necessary to survive in case of a long-term power outage.

So far, 7 people have been killed in the Caribbean by Hurricane Matthew. The hurricane is expected to lose some of its strength as it heads north but its winds could still get up to the 75 mile-per-hour range, which is fast enough to cause damage to homes and other property. If you are traveling to Florida or plan to leave Florida, it is best to do so right away because the storm is expected to reach the state on Thursday.

Florida isn’t the only state in trouble either. States all along the Atlantic Coast of the United States are being warned to take precautions. The biggest worries are from winds more than rainfall, although flooding is expected to occur in most towns and cities along the eastern coast of Florida.

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