Gunman Kills Russian Ambassador to Turkey

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On Monday night, a lone Turkish gunman killed Russia’s ambassador to Turkey while he was at an art exhibit in the Turkish capital of Ankara. The gunman reportedly yelled out, “Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!” He also shouted, “God is great!” The Russian government is considering this to be a terrorist attack against their people.

According to the mayor of Ankara, the lone gunman was actually a policeman. That was how he was able to carry a gun inside of the art museum. In addition to ambassador Andrey Karlov’s death, three other people were reportedly wounded by the gunman as well. Fortunately, the entire event was recorded on video so the authorities were able to see exactly what happened. When Turkish officers responded to the attack, they got into a shootout with the gunman which resulted in his death.

Investigators believe this attack was politically motivated over the current tensions between Turkey and Russia in regards to the Syrian conflict. Turkish citizens are generally upset at Russia because they support the President of Syria and his role in the country’s conflict. Not only that, Turkey blames Russia for their part in the destruction of the Syrian city known as Aleppo and the mass killings that went on there. The Turkish policeman who shot Karlov in the back was likely someone trying to make a political point. After that incident happened, relations between Russia and Turkey had instantly gotten worse.

According to Russian news organizations, the ambassador’s wife had collapsed from fainting after learning about the killing of her husband. She is now being hospitalized and is expected to be physical fine, but emotionally she is still a wreck. All Russian tourists who are currently staying in Turkey are being told to stay in their hotel rooms and avoid going to any public places. There is no word as to whether another gunman looking to hunt Russians is out there or not.

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