Gunman Opens Fire Near Polling Station in City of Azusa; Multiple People Shot

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Election Day has become an exciting day across the United States. But in the California city of Azusa, it has become horrific after a shooting took place near a polling station there. Reportedly, there were two people critically wounded and one person killed from gunshots that were fired close to the polling place.

The suspect of the shootings was described as heavily armed and using a military grade assault rifle to shoot his victims with. Police shut down the residential neighborhood around the crime scene as well as other polling locations that were close by. Voters were forced to go to alternative locations to place their votes.

When the police arrived, the suspect fled into one of the residential homes in the neighborhood and barricaded himself inside. For several hours, there was a standoff between the suspect and the responding police officers. People in the area described the scene as chaotic with several gunshots being heard. They couldn’t tell if it was the police or the suspect doing the shooting.

Eventually, the police raided the residence in which the suspect was held up in. When the police found the suspect, he was apparently dead from a gunshot wound. Authorities are still not sure if the suspect killed himself or if his death was the result of police gunfire.

According to Lieutenant John Corina of the LA County Sheriff’s Department, there is no known motive for the shootings at this time. Police are not sure if the suspect was trying to target voters at the polling station, since one of the victims who got shot was heading to the polling station to cast their ballot.

A man named Roberto Chavez, who lives next door to the home where the suspect ran into, told police that he has seen the man in the neighborhood before and that he frequently visits his neighbor’s home. It is still unknown if the suspect knew somebody in that house or if he lived there at one time. Investigators are looking into this.

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