Gunman Shoots at People Putting Up Christmas Lights in Philadelphia

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The Thanksgiving holiday is now over which means people are starting to put up Christmas decorations throughout the country. In Philadelphia, three unfortunate people got shot while they were hanging up Christmas lights outside their home. The incident occurred on Howland Street at about 10:46 P.M. on Wednesday night.

According to witnesses, a gunman drove up to the victims in a dark gray Chevy Impala. The vehicle had tinted windows as well. Apparently, there was a confrontation that took place with the three residents who were hanging up their Christmas lights. The Chevy drove about 35 feet past them down the street and slowed down to a stop. Then, the car drove in reverse back to where the victims were.

One of the suspects in the vehicle asked the residents, “If they had a problem and if they had hit his car.” It is unknown what the response was from the residents but it is known that the confrontation got more intense after that. It eventually led to one of the suspects shooting at the victims with a gun. The three people who got shot all survived with injuries. The victims are all male and their ages are 28, 36, and 34.

Police are saying the suspect who shot the gun is a 20ish black male with a brown complexion and wearing a light gray knitted cap. The weapon he used was a semi-automatic handgun that’s a dark gray color. The other suspect in the car is also a 20ish black male with a bit of a darker complexion and has hair down to his shoulders. These two suspects are currently at large in the Philadelphia area. Police want anyone who sees these two men to call them right away.

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