Harry Potter Prequel “Fantastic Beasts” Projected to Earn $75M in Opening Weekend

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The long-awaited prequel to the fantasy movie series “Harry Potter” is coming out this weekend and the results are expected to be huge. The film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is the newest J.K. Rowling story which takes place 70 years before the original Harry Potter movies.

Early U.S. Box Office projections indicate the film will take in $30 million on its opening day and $75 million over the course of the weekend. The projection for the opening day on Friday includes the $8.75 million earned from the late-night previews on Thursday.

Fantastic Beasts has already been released in other parts of the world. On Wednesday and Thursday, it earned $23.5 million in its early global release. Friday is the day it gets released everywhere. From Wednesday all the way through Sunday, the film is expected to make $200 million worldwide.

Warner Bros. and Rowling are clearly trying to reboot the Harry Potter franchise by creating a whole new series of films that take place before the previous films. Warner Bros. and Rowling are planning to have five new films made, starting with Fantastic Beasts. Every sequel after that will be a continuation of that particular storyline in the Harry Potter world.

The main character of Fantastic Beasts is Newt Scamander, who collects magical creatures. In the 1920s, he travels to New York and has to catch many of his creatures after they escape. This forces him to team up with two sisters with magical powers in order to get them back. Meanwhile, they have to face the dark forces of the fantasy world they live in.

Rowling wrote the screenplay for this film and she is expected to write scripts for the sequels as well. She is the original writer of the Harry Potter book series too.

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