Hillary Clinton Blames Putin and Comey for Election Loss

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Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reportedly held an event on Thursday where she spoke to her donors about the election and the controversies surrounding it. Clinton claimed that part of the reason why their campaign lost the election was because of the hacking attempts that were made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Aside from the alleged Russian hacks, Clinton also referred back to FBI Director James Comey and how he unethically sent a letter to Congress on the eve of Election Day in regards to her private email server. A few weeks before Election Day, Comey also made a public revelation about new Clinton emails that were found on her assistant Huma Abedin’s computer. Between the Russian hacks and Comey’s public statements about the emails, Clinton said the election results were influenced because of these incidents.

There had been rumors for a while that Putin wanted Trump to win because he didn’t like Clinton. Now, there are two CIA intelligence officials who have discovered that Putin personally directed his hackers to retrieve information from U.S. Democrats and then told them how to leak it to the public. Putin and other Russian government officials have consistently denied any involvement in the hacks that were made toward officials in the Democratic Party. However, U.S. intelligence officials don’t believe it.

The big question is, what happens now? The Electoral College officials choose the new U.S. president on December 19th. A lot of the electorates have been encouraged to change their votes and choose Hillary Clinton because of all this unprecedented interference with the presidential election. Some electorates say they aren’t going to vote for Trump while others say they won’t vote for Trump or Clinton. If 270 electorates don’t vote for one candidate, then it will be up to Congress to decide the outcome. And since it is a Republican Congress, they’ll likely choose Trump over Clinton.

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