Hillary Clinton Concedes Donald Trump Victory in Painful Concession Speech

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Last night is likely going to go down as one of the biggest political upsets in modern American history. Despite all the national polls which showed Hillary Clinton with a substantial lead over Donald Trump, she still lost the presidential election. Donald Trump is now officially President-elect Donald Trump.

On Wednesday morning, Clinton delivered a heartfelt concession speech to her supporters and organizers and thanked them for working so hard for her over the course of her presidential campaign. She also mentioned that she called Donald Trump last night to congratulate him on his victory.

Many watching her speech could tell it was emotional for her and she was doing her best to fight back tears. Even her running mate Tim Kaine seemed a bit teary eyed as he was standing next to her during her speech. Although Clinton admitted the results of the election were painful for her, she did what any good candidate does when they lose an election. She told her supporters that they need to have an open mind about Donald Trump and give him a chance to lead for the good of the country.

Clinton went on to become more inspirational near the end of her speech by telling her supporters to always fight for what you believe in and to never give up. This was likely a direct message to the millions of young girls out there who wanted to see the first female president. Even though they didn’t get there wish, at least they got to see a female become the first presidential nominee of a major political party. This will hopefully give these girls the inspiration to chase their dreams and never give up no matter what the odds are against them. That is likely going to be Hillary Clinton’s legacy when historians look back on the 2016 presidential election.

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