Hillary Clinton Speaks Publicly for the First Time Since Her Concession Speech

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One week after her shocking loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton made her first public speech since the concession speech she gave the day after the election. On Wednesday night, Clinton spoke at the Children’s Defense Fund charity gala which was held in Washington D.C.

Most of Clinton’s speech was about fighting for American children and to never give up no matter how hard you fall. The former Democratic presidential nominee seemed to indirectly address the divisiveness that the country is experiencing right now because of the election. She encouraged bipartisanship and to invest in American children no matter what color, immigration status, or religion they are.

Clinton did acknowledge that she knew many of her supporters were “deeply disappointed about the results of the election.” Like in her concession speech, she admitted that she was disappointed with the results too. She even claimed there were times over the last week when she just wanted to grab a good book and curl up with it and never go out of the house again. But then she emphasized how important it was to pick yourself back up when you’re down and keep on fighting.

One of Hillary Clinton’s first jobs out of college was at the Children’s Defense Fund. She started working there in 1973, which was when she met Marian Wright Edelman who became her friend and mentor. Edelman introduced Clinton on Wednesday night before she spoke and expressed how proud she was of her. Edelman noted that Clinton won the popular vote and that she would always be the “people’s president.”

Spectators noticed Clinton looking a little bit different at the gala than she did on the campaign trail. It appeared like she had a lack of makeup on, which made her appearance seem disheveled. Perhaps she really isn’t taking the loss that well at all.

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