Hillary Clinton’s New York Campaign Office Receives White Powder in the Mail

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The New York campaign office of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received an envelope with white powder inside of it on Friday. The office is located in midtown Manhattan, where it was opened. The envelope then was transferred to another Hillary Clinton office in Brooklyn, although it is unknown why it was sent there after it was opened in Manhattan. The New York Police were immediately notified and an investigation is now underway.

After a day of testing, police have confirmed the white powder in the envelope contained no harmful substances in it. There were also four people who were exposed to the white powder, but they reportedly experienced no health problems from being around the powder. And after a full medical examination, doctors found them to be just fine.

Therefore, the white powder is apparently either a prank used to scare people or possibly a warning from a mad Donald Trump supporter. Regardless, it is still a crime to send something that can be construed as dangerous through the mail. The United States Secret Service is assisting the NYPD in the investigation, since the letter was sent to a presidential nominee’s campaign office. So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the envelope.

The 2016 general election is sure heating up with less than 20 days left until Election Day. There is no doubt that supporters of both candidates are anxious to have their candidate win. However, Trump is still trailing Clinton in numerous national polls. Now that all the debates are over, Trump doesn’t have much leverage to gain any ground on Clinton. This could be making some of his supporters very anxious and perhaps it motivated them to send this envelope of white powder to the Clinton campaign office.

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