Honest Employees of Wells Fargo Say They Were Fired Too

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Wells Fargo is currently facing a huge scandal after it was revealed that many of its employees set up accounts for customers without their consent in order to meet a demanding sales quota. Over 5,000 employees of Wells Fargo were fired because of this. However, there are also other Wells Fargo employees who claim they were fired for doing just the opposite by being honest and refusing to create these unauthorized accounts.

Two lawsuits have already been filed by former employees who claim they were fired for their honesty. One lawsuit filed states that they were pressured into creating these unauthorized accounts because they were pressured into meeting a sales quota that was unrealistic. So after they refused to set up these unauthorized accounts, they were fired as a result. The other lawsuit is a federal lawsuit with similar claims and it was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Now all of the former employees of Wells Fargo who were fired for their honesty are coming together and trying to form a class action lawsuit against the company. Numerous employees describe their experience working for Wells Fargo as a dark period in their lives. The irony is that all Wells Fargo employees go through a training program which emphasizes the company’s “ethics code.” There is even a hotline number for employees to call if they witness any unethical behavior in the company. But multiple employees say they were fired after calling the number and that the culture of the company is corrupt.

There is no doubt this scandal has exposed how many big corporations in America try to push their sales goals to the limit. At the same time, the employees who are just trying to make an honest living get caught in the middle of their employer’s greed and then have to pay the price for it. Hopefully, the Wells Fargo scandal will wake corporations up and make them realize they can’t treat their employees this way. If they do, they deserve to get sued and pay the ultimate price.

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