Huma Abedin Claimed She Doesn’t Know How Clinton Emails Got on Husband’s Computer

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Huma Abedin is a top aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Abedin, who is separated from husband Anthony Weiner, reportedly claimed she was shocked to hear that FBI investigators found more Clinton emails on Weiner’s computer after they confiscated it. The FBI had been investigating Weiner for his alleged sexual-explicit communication with an underage girl over the internet. During their investigation, FBI agents were shocked to discover that his computer had Clinton emails on it. That was something they were not expecting since the bureau believed they already had all the emails.

According to a person close to Abedin, she does not know how those emails got on her husband Weiner’s computer. This unidentified person also claimed that Abedin never used Weiner’s computer either. Abedin previously testified under oath that she turned over all known emails to the FBI. So if it turns out she was lying, then she could face perjury charges.

Due to the recent discovery of these new emails, the FBI is now reopening the investigation into Clinton’s email use during her time as Secretary of State. So far, there is no word as to whether or not these emails are related to Clinton’s job or not. They could very well just be personal email exchanges or even exchanges which the FBI has already seen before. Since there were thousands of emails looked over in the initial investigation, it is going to be hard for the FBI to determine if these new emails are the same or not.

FBI officials claimed they discovered thousands of Clinton emails on Weiner’s computer. So, it will probably take FBI investigators a while to look through them all. With the general election just 10 days away, they likely aren’t going to finish the investigation in time. This means some undecided voters may be persuaded to vote for the alternative candidate, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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