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Hurricane Matthew Making its Way to Haiti and Jamaica

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Hurricane Matthew turned into a Category 4 hurricane on Saturday night as it slowly made its way toward the Caribbean Islands. Forecasters warn that winds from the storm could get as fast as 155 miles-per-hour. The National Hurricane Center reported the storm is moving in a northwestern direction, but at an extremely slow rate. It is expected to reach the shores of Haiti and Jamaica sometime late Sunday or early Monday.

Later on next week, Hurricane Matthew is expected to reach the Bahamas, Cuba and the southern region of Florida. This gives people in Miami plenty of time to prepare for the big storm before it hits. Retail stores in southern Florida are already preparing for an increase in sales for their home improvement supplies and food. As for those living on the Caribbean Islands, they have much less time to prepare for this hurricane.

The main concern right now is for Haiti and Jamaica. Forecasters say these two countries are going to get hit the hardest. Storm shelters are being set up right now for the people who will be most affected by the hurricane in Jamaica. The Haitian government has issued a warning for those living near their southern border, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. Southern Haiti could get up to 25 inches of rain, with more remote parts of the country possibly getting up to 40 inches of rain. The Meteorological Service of Cuba has also issued a warning for the eastern region of their country, starting from the Camaguey province down to southern Guantanamo.

The National Hurricane Center stated the hurricane is likely to produce mudslides and flash flooding that is serious enough to be life-threatening. If you live in southern Florida or anywhere in the Caribbean, take precautions over the next several days.

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