Intruder Wrestles Big Panda at Chinese Zoo

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In the Chinese city of Nanchang, which is in the eastern region of the Jiangxi province, it was reported that a young man jumped into a panda exhibit at a Chinese zoo and got into a wrestling match with a giant panda bear. Apparently, there were two women at the zoo which the man was trying to impress. When he went into the exhibit, the panda bear wrestled the man to the ground.

There was a surveillance camera that recorded the entire incident. The man actually climbed up a fence surrounding the exhibit which was 1.3 meters high and then jumped down 10 feet into a ditch inside of it. Mei Ling is the name of the giant panda in the exhibit. Ling looked like he woke up after the man jumped in. Then Ling slowly approached the man until he eventually wrestled him onto the ground.

In the surveillance footage, you can see the young man reaching toward the bear’s head as he grabbed his legs. After the two grappled for a bit, the man was able to run away from the bear and get to safety. There were no injuries sustained by either the bear or the young man. The only damage that was done was to the man’s trousers, which witnesses say got torn badly by the bear.

Mei Ling is only a 12-year-old bear. Zoo keepers claim the bear was only trying to play with the young man and had no intentions of actually doing harm to him. But that doesn’t mean the bear couldn’t have unintentionally harmed him. Ling was given a medical checkup following the incident and he appears to be just fine. There is no word yet whether or not the young man will face any charges or fines for what he did.

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