Italian Police Kill Berlin Attack Suspect in Milan

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Italian authorities have reportedly killed Anis Amri, who has been wanted all across Europe for being suspected of committing the deadly terrorist attack in Berlin, Germany which killed 12 people and injured dozens of others. Amri was discovered after two Italian police officers outside of Milan were conducting a routine identity check on Amri as he was walking nearby. Italian authorities are used to conducting these checks because of all the illegal migration that has taken place in Europe over the last few years. So, when the two police officers asked Amri to show his paperwork, that was when he pulled out his weapon and proceeded to shoot one of the officers until the other officer fatally shot him.

According to the director of the Milan police, Antonio De Iesu, Amri shouted out “police bastards” in Italian as he was dying. Once he did die, it brought a sense of relief to Germany and the victims of the horrible Christmas market tragedy that occurred in Berlin. The Islamic State terrorist group has already taken credit for the attack, and they even released a video on Friday which shows Amri pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

Now that Amri has died, it has restored a lot of people’s faith in the security measures that Europe has taken when it comes to stopping terrorists. But it does still raise some questions about the security gaps that exist in the open borders of Europe which allow migrants to enter in the first place. In 2011, Amri apparently migrated to Italy and then became imprisoned for a total of 4 years before he came to Germany.

As the Christmas holiday approaches, there are a lot of people wondering what other attacks may come and where will they come. There have been multiple terrorist attacks spread out across Europe over the last week, so everyone has become very vigilant during this holiday season.

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