It’s Official: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Plan to be Married Soon

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Actress Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, is now free to marry her current boyfriend Jamie Foxx. The newly engaged couple have not made a public appearance yet, but according to OK! Magazine, they may be making an appearance in public very soon. The magazine also mentioned that Holmes and Foxx are going to have a small wedding with just a few friends and family members in a place away from the limelight.

An insider close to Holmes claims that she is afraid of how her ex-husband Tom Cruise will like the idea of a new father figure in his child Suri’s life. Some reports even claim that Foxx wants to adopt the child before he marries Holmes. This wouldn’t be totally unreasonable since Cruise reportedly hasn’t seen his own daughter in over 3 years. So perhaps Cruise won’t mind if Foxx adopts her.

When Cruise and Holmes split up, an agreement was signed by her which states that she could not embarrass him publicly or date anyone else until the year 2017. The insider said that she could still date, but she couldn’t do it publicly and that the man she dates couldn’t be around Suri. Since Holmes desperately wanted out of the marriage, she agreed to these outrageous terms in exchange for $5 million and another $4.8 million towards child support.

If Holmes ends up marrying Foxx, she may have to give back the $4.8 million in child support that she received from Cruise. But the rumor is that Cruise gave Holmes permission to get out of the agreement after talking with Foxx and realizing how serious the two were about getting married. So there is no telling what will happen about the custody of Suri and whether or not Holmes will have to pay back the child support money.

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