Jewel Thieves Pull Off $6 Million Heist on New Year’s

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On New Year’s Eve, most people in New York City were gathered around Time Square to celebrate the ball drop at midnight. Meanwhile, there were a couple of thieves which broke into a jewelry store just blocks away from Time Square and stole $6 million worth of jewels and other valuables.

What is shocking about this heist was how close the thieves were to a highly-secured area where thousands of police officers and people were. Not only that, but television cameras were broadcasting the event to a national audience. It is hard to believe that thieves were so close by without anyone suspecting it. Perhaps, that was what the thieves counted on.

Surveillance cameras of the jewelry company “Gregg Ruth” recorded video which shows two men committing the heist. One man had a beard and wore a hooded jacket. He even looked into the camera. A second man apparently had a mask on and he looked to be taunting the camera by lunging toward it. That was when the video had ended.

The authorities say the thieves were able to get into the whole jewelry store by using a hammer and pry-bar. The store was located on the 6th floor of the building where it was located. Once the thieves grabbed the valuables, they used the stairwell to escape.

Analysts say the thieves chose this particular time to pull off the heist because they knew that the majority of the city’s police officers would be preoccupied with managing the crowds of people at Times Square. It appears like their strategy worked because the thieves were able to get away without being caught. However, the authorities are optimistic that someone will identify the thieves and turn them in.

Representatives of the jewelry company did not respond to inquiries and questions about the incident.

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