Joey Boots of the “Howard Stern Show” Dies at 49-Years-Old

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Joey Boots is the radio personality who made frequent contributions to the famous “Howard Stern Show.” You might remember Boots as the guy who kept saying the funny phrase “Baba Booey.” On Friday, Boots died in his Bronx home at night. He was only 49-years-old and found completely unconscious in his home. The police issued a statement saying that he didn’t appear to suffer any trauma, so it doesn’t look like foul play. However, the medical examiner will study the body and determine the cause of death at a later date.

Joseph Bassolino was Boots’ real name. He was known for being included in a certain group of odd misfits that Stern often brought onto his radio show. Stern described this group in his biography as being an “odd collection of misfits and unique characters.” When Boots was on the Howard Stern Show, he would always shout the phrase “Baba Booey.” He would even shout it behind the backs of reporters while they were conducting live news broadcasts on the air throughout New York City.

Boots also had his own live podcast that he would distribute every Friday night called “The Joey Boots Show.” During last Friday’s podcast, another “misfit” colleague of his named Erik Bleaman expressed his emotions and described how he was the one who found Boots’ body. Bleaman said he and the building manager went to Boots’ home, and then found him slumped over in his chair. When they checked him for a pulse, he was ice cold and had no pulse whatsoever.

Howard Stern responded to Boots’ death on Saturday with the following message on Twitter: “Tribute to the one and only Joey B in the new year. He will be missed. #BabaooeyHowardSternpenis.” Other members of the Howard Stern Show also sent other tweets expressing their sadness over the loss of Boots.

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