Johnny Depp is Selling his Los Angeles Penthouse for $12.7 Million

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Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp has just listed his Los Angeles penthouse for sale at a price of $12.7 million. What is special about this house is its Art Deco mural design in the interior. The design was done by two Brazilian artists who are twins. They go by the name “OSGEMEOS” which means “THETWINS.” Another interesting thing about the penthouse is that it’s located in the Eastern Columbia Art Deco building of downtown Los Angeles. This building was developed by famous architect Claud Beelman. The 11,500 square foot penthouse contains 9 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. This leaves plenty of room for the new owners.

Depp is selling this property in wake of his bitter divorce to actress Amber Heard. She reportedly received $7 million in their divorce settlement, but he got to keep the penthouse. Since he is now a single man again, Depp likely wants to get rid of the property because it reminds him of his ex-wife. Whoever buys this property can appreciate the fact that Johnny Depp used to live there with her. Of course, the average Depp fan probably doesn’t have $12.7 million to spend on it.

The property is being listed by real estate agent Kevin Dees of Partner’s Trust Los Angeles. The living space used to be 5 separate penthouses before they were all combined into one giant penthouse. Depp apparently purchased each penthouse at separate times over the years, which ended up costing him $7.2 million total. This means he’ll make a roughly $5 million profit if he can sell the penthouse for his preferred price. So far there are no prospective buyers yet. However, it is bound to get a buyer sooner or later as the real estate industry continues to become a buyer’s market in Los Angeles.

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