Judge Orders Tori Spelling to Pay Her Credit Card Debt of $38K

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Tori Spelling, the actress best known for her role on the 90s TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210,” was sued by the credit card company “American Express” last January because she had accumulated approximately $37,981.97 worth of debt and had not made payments on it.

This week a judge presiding over the case ordered Spelling to pay back the money to American Express. In addition to the $37.981.97, she must also pay $855 for the court costs associated with the lawsuit. According to the court documents, Spelling tried to make a $1,070 payment to American Express back in June of 2015 but the payment transaction was not successful.

Tori Spelling’s mother, Candy Spelling, said in an interview with TMZ that she was helping to pay her daughter’s living expenses. However, she claimed that she wasn’t going to pay for any extra debt that Tori built up such as the credit card debt. The only bills her mother is paying for her are food, her kids’ schooling and the mortgage on her house.

Many wonder how Tori Spelling could have financial troubles when she came from a wealthy upbringing and had success on a hit TV show. Spelling, whose father was the late TV producer Aaron Spelling, blames her rich upbringing for the reason why she spends money so carelessly. Apparently, Spelling has expensive tastes and has tried to keep those tastes alive. But now with her father passed away and her mother reluctant to give her money, Spelling is going to have to learn to discipline herself when it comes to spending money.

Spelling is 43-years-old and is married to Dean McDermott. They both star in the reality TV series about her life called True Tori. With a net worth of only $1.5 million, perhaps she can build it back up if she can save the money she earns from her TV and movie appearances.

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