Julian Assange Claims the American Government is Lying About Russia

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Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, was recently interviewed by John Pilger, who is an award-winning journalist from Australia. During the interview, Assange stated that the leaked emails of the Democratic National Committee, which came out during the U.S. presidential election, were not retrieved by the Russian government or their Russian hackers.

This claim comes in contrast to the statements made by former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. In recent weeks, President Barack Obama said that he received intelligence information from his CIA which proves that the Russian government was responsible for the numerous hacks that were made during the election cycle in order to influence the election in Donald Trump’s favor. The Clinton team also made it clear that they thought Russia was responsible for the hacks and that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed these actions because he wanted Trump to win the election.

Assange was asked if he would reveal the source of the leaked emails. But, all he said was that it was not the Russian government nor any state parties that were responsible for hacking the DNC email server. This has caused some people to be skeptical of his claim because Assange has not provided any proof to back it up.

President-elect Donald Trump released a new tweet message today which appeared to be in support of Assange. He wrote, “Assange… said Russians did not give him info!” Trump has continued to be on good terms with Vladimir Putin and has been critical of any information which suggests that the Russian government tried to influence the U.S. election.

Of course, if they did try to influence the election then they were doing it to help Trump get elected. And since Trump is the kind of person who loves to win, he certainly isn’t going to start accusing Russia of hacking the election because it would make it look like he didn’t win the election fairly.

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