Kanye West Pays a Quarter Million Dollars to Family Member Who Has His Sex Tape

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According to the, rapper Kanye West gave around $250,000 to one of his family members who claimed they had a sex tape of him and were going to release it unless they gave him the money. He supposedly cut himself off from many of his closest family members because he became distrustful of them. This is reportedly the reason for what led to West’s mental breakdown which caused him to get hospitalized.

The 39-year-old West was taken to a Los Angeles hospital where he was treated for an array of psychiatric problems. According to Lawrence Franklin, who is his cousin, a family member contacted West and blackmailed him into paying them $250,000 or else they’d publish the sex tape. This was apparently an old sex tape which shows West having sex with a light skinned black woman who remains nameless. The family member was able to get the video after receiving the laptop as a present from West. But, it turns out that West failed to delete the sex video off the laptop before giving it away.

Franklin also stated that West is still grieving over the death of his mother, Donda, while trying to put on the proper image as the husband of the glamorous Kim Kardashian. Franklin believes that Donda would not approve of Kardashian as West’s wife if she were alive. He also believes West wouldn’t have had his breakdown if his mother was alive.

The sex tape was first discovered by the family member in 2012, which was the same year that West started dating Kardashian. The family member who was given the laptop as a present had lent it to another family member. They are the one who is presumed to be the family member that is blackmailing West. The exact relationship between them has not been reported. All that is known is that family member got the money from West in exchange for the laptop back.

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