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L.A. Lakers Player Metta World Peace Claims Ghosts Assaulted Him at Oklahoma Hotel

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There is a strange rumor going around in the NBA regarding a haunted hotel in Oklahoma City. The hotel that is supposedly haunted is the Skirvin Hilton Hotel, which is where NBA teams often book their players to stay at when they play against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

L.A. Lakers player Metta World Peace just released a story about his experiences at the hotel. On Sunday, his team played the Oklahoma City Thunder in their home city. So naturally, he and other players got hotel rooms at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. While he was in his room, World Peace claimed there were ghosts all over him who touched him everywhere.

World Peace shared his story with the Orange County Register’s Mark Medina. Other players also told Medina about their experiences with ghosts at the hotel as well. Then, there were some players like Larry Nance Jr. and Lou Williams who willingly paid for rooms at a different hotel just because they thought the Skirvin Hilton Hotel was haunted.

So, why did World Peace stay in his room all night if there were ghosts touching him inappropriately? His answer was basically that he was tired and that he was watching a good movie so he didn’t feel like moving. Well, that must have been a really good movie if he didn’t mind getting violated by ghosts while he was watching it.

According to the legend about the hotel, there was a young maid named Effie who had an affair with the developer of the hotel, William Skirvin. When he found out Effie had become pregnant, he allegedly locked her inside of a room on the top floor where she couldn’t get out. Skirvin didn’t want there to be a scandal arising from the affair so that’s why he supposedly did this. Effie would go on to give birth in the room where she was locked in. Then, she eventually jumped out of the window with her baby in her arms and they both fell to their death. Ever since then, the hotel has been supposedly haunted with their ghosts. Is it really true? Who knows.

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