Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Takes Place Without Problems in NYC

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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a yearly tradition that takes place in New York City. This year the tradition carried on once again with thousands of people taking to the streets to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. With all the divisiveness coming from the presidential election results, it was nice that people could put their politics aside and just celebrate this joyous day where we give thanks for the things we do have.

Of course, the NYPD was still not going to take any chances where security was concerned. They had their bomb-sniffing dogs and officers aligned on the streets in case a terrorist tried to harm the crowds of people who were there. The police even had portable radiation detectors which must have been so they could detect any type of nuclear device that a potential terrorist might have.

Fortunately, there were no threats encountered and everyone at the parade remained safe the entire time. As for those marching in the parade, there were a wide variety of interesting characters to see. Besides the inflatable balloons, there were clowns, dancers, Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald and other costumed characters.

The New York Police Department had their own marching band participate in the parade as well. Spectators in the sidelines cheered the police and yelled “Thank You,” which was clearly their way of expressing how grateful they were to the police for putting their lives on the line for the city. With all the violence against police which has taken place throughout the country, you can be sure the NYPD marching band appreciated those comments of gratitude from the people watching them.

The only downside to the parade would have to be the tight security and roadblocks on the streets. New York City is already under tight security with the Secret Service protection given to President-elect Donald Trump as he resides in Trump Tower until he’s sworn in as president next year.

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