Man Accused of Killing Stepmom For Reveling Over Cowboys Winning

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A 20-year-old Texas man named Pontrey O’Neal Jones has been accused of stabbing his stepmom to death. Apparently, he believed she was gloating over the Dallas Cowboys winning and this allegedly made him upset enough to where he struck her with a knife for it. Jones is also believed to suffer from bipolar disorder and he may have stopped taking his medication about two years ago, according to reports.

The victim was Magdalena Ruiz and she was attacked while inside her apartment in South Austin, Texas. This past Sunday, the Cowboys had just beaten the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a 26-20 win. Jones is believed to have recently moved into Ruiz’s home. During his interview with investigators, Jones said that Ruiz had been disrespectful to his father while gloating about the Cowboys win.

The arrest warrant affidavit also shows that he originally wanted to break the neck of his sister, but then changed his mind. Instead, he “developed a plan” to get a black-handled knife and hide it underneath the couch so he could use it on her later when the time was right. Jones waited until around 10:40 PM, which was just after the Cowboys had won for the twelfth time of the season. He then took the knife from the couch and began stabbing Ruiz with it repeatedly until his father stopped him. Jones ran away afterward, but then was picked up roughly 10 minutes later by police.

Murder charges have now been filed against Jones. His bond has been set at $500,000, and he currently remains jailed. There is no mention as to whether he has an attorney or not. The family of Ruiz have set up a fundraising website to pay for her funeral costs. She is described as a loving person who was a devoted mother and wife.

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