Man with Cancer Runs His 100th Marathon at 75-Years-Old

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Most people who are 75-years-old would never even attempt to run a marathon, especially if they had cancer. However, this hasn’t stopped Don Wright from defying the odds and becoming an example to many who suffer from the same health condition that he does.

In 2003, Wright ran in his first marathon when he was in his early 60s. At the time, he thought he was perfectly healthy and found no reason not to run. But a few weeks after his first marathon, Wright started to experience back pain so he went to the doctor to see what was causing it. His doctors discovered he had a multiple myeloma which is a rare blood cancer. They gave him a life expectancy of five years at that point.

The cancer that Wright has is incurable. So, to bring attention to the multiple myeloma cancer, he participates in marathon runs. He has already run marathons in each of the 50 states and continues to run in more of them. Recently, Wright just set a record for himself by completing his 100th marathon run, which was in Philadelphia.

In an interview with “Today,” Wright said that he has been taking new innovative treatments that have allowed him to live as long as he has. Without those treatments, Wright believes he wouldn’t have reached age 75. After all, the doctors who originally diagnosed his cancer said he had five years to live, and that was when he was in his early 60s. Therefore, he has already proven them wrong by living over 10 years past the life expectancy he was given.

As for the running, that is just something Wright loves to do. He also wants other cancer patients to realize that they can live an active life just like he has been. Hopefully, a cure for his cancer will be found soon so he can keep on running those marathons.

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