Mass Shooting Occurs at Restaurant in Los Angeles’s West Adams District

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Another mass shooting took place at a restaurant in the West Adams district of Los Angeles, California. This particular shooting was described as a “bloody scene,” which left 12 people wounded and 3 people dead. Police are currently looking for a number of suspects who may have committed this shooting.

There are currently three suspects, according to Captain Peter Whittingham of the Los Angeles Police Department. There are two persons of interest already in custody; one male and one female. They were apparently injured in the shooting, but it is not clear what their role was if any at all. So far, no one has formally been arrested for the shooting.

The incident occurred at a restaurant on Rimpau Boulevard. It is believed that as many as 50 people were dining in the restaurant when the shooting took place. According to witnesses, three men walked out of the restaurant and then returned a few moments later with firearms in their hands. Within seconds, they opened fire at the people in the building. Some of the diners apparently had weapons and shot back at the shooters. A few people were hit in the crossfire.

The owner of the establishment claims he is running a Jamaican eatery out of his house and that his business is not a restaurant. When the shooting happened, there was a birthday celebration going on there. Neighbors in the area claim they heard dozens of gunshots. Some of them thought they were fireworks at first, until they saw lots of people running out of the house.

Los Angeles showed the city had a 6.3% increase in crime back in July. Violent offenses are up by 15.9% and property crime has increased by 3.8%. Despite these statistics, it is still rare to have killings like this happen. Right now, authorities are unclear about what the motive was behind the shooting. More details are likely to come.

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