Melania Trump and Barron Trump Won’t Be Moving to the White House

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The New York Post had recently reported that President-elect Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump will remain living in New York City along with their young son, Barron, after Donald takes the oath of office on January 20th, 2017. On Sunday, Donald Trump confirmed this to be true.

The main reason why Melania and Barron are staying in New York is because Barron is in the middle of his 4th grade school year at a prep school in Manhattan. Melania doesn’t want to take Barron, who is 10-years-old, out of the school until he finishes the school year. This means after Donald Trump takes office, he will be moving into the White House while Melania and Barron remain living in Trump Tower. Then when the school year is over, they will move into the executive mansion in Washington D.C. with Donald.

This decision by Melania to not immediately move into the White House is certainly an unprecedented one. The White House Historical Association has found there to be only two first ladies in U.S. history who didn’t live in the White House. The first was Martha Washington, who was the wife of George Washington. When he took office as the first president of the United States, the White House didn’t even exist yet.

Construction started on the White House on October 13th, 1792 and then opened 8 years later in the year 1800. Martha never got the chance to live there. The only other first lady who didn’t live in the White House was Anna Harrison, who was the wife of President William Henry Harrison. She never got the chance to move in because her husband died one month after taking office.

Melania is still a mystery to many Americans because she wasn’t too active on her husband’s campaign. She mostly stayed behind to take care of their son, who she claimed has had a rough time dealing with his father’s campaign schedule and that it’s been hard on him.

Melania will also make history by being the 2nd foreign born first lady in U.S. history. The first was John Quincy Adams’ wife, Louisa Adams, who was born in the United Kingdom.

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