Michelle Obama Campaigns with Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

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In North Carolina on Thursday, First Lady Michelle Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared together for the first time at one of Clinton’s campaign rallies. Mrs. Obama has already been out campaigning for Clinton but this was a special event where supporters could see her and the First Lady on the same stage.

Mrs. Obama has surprisingly been one of Clinton’s most passionate surrogates. She praised Clinton for her many years of experience as a public servant. Then she went on to criticize Donald Trump without referring to him by name like she’s done at previous campaign rallies.

The irony here is that Michelle Obama used to be a rival of Hillary Clinton’s back in 2008 when her husband, then-Senator Barack Obama, was running against Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Back then, Mrs. Obama indirectly criticized Clinton in one speech by saying “if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House.” Now, Mrs. Obama and Clinton seem like best friends.

The Democratic nominee introduced Mrs. Obama, who got emotional at the kind things that Clinton said about her on stage. The crowd was certainly excited to hear from the First Lady since her popularity is very high right now. With Clinton’s unpopularity still high, Mrs. Obama is the perfect person for her to have in her corner.

Mrs. Obama’s interest in this election also has to do with sustaining her own husband’s presidential legacy. If Clinton wins, then everything President Obama fought for will be renewed. But if Donald Trump wins, Obama’s legacy will diminish quickly and it will go back to the way it was before he even took office.

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