Michelle Obama Talks with Oprah Winfrey About Trump Election

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First Lady Michelle Obama sat down for a one-on-one interview with famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey to discuss her and her husband, President Barack Obama, and their time in the White House over these last 8 years.

Michelle talked about how her husband had a message of hope when he was running for president and how he maintained that message throughout his presidency. However, she claimed that the recent presidential election, which Donald Trump won back in November, had changed that message of hope. “Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like,” the First Lady said.

During the 2016 presidential election cycle, Michelle was a powerful voice for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Not only did she speak and campaign in support of Clinton, but she denounced Donald Trump and the “hateful” campaign he was running. At the same time, Trump claimed that Michelle Obama spent too much time making speeches and campaigning for Clinton.

Of course, Michelle Obama never referred to Donald Trump by name then and she didn’t refer to him by name in her recent interview with Oprah either. Michelle just makes multiple assertions that America needs to have an “adult” in the Oval Office, which is an obvious jab to Trump’s non-presidential behavior.

Out of all the people involved in this scenario, Michelle Obama has the highest approval rating amongst Americans. A Gallup poll shows that she has a 64% approval rating, which is higher than Clinton, Trump, and even her husband President Obama.

A lot of people now want Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020. When she was asked about whether she’d want to be president, she basically said “no way.” But, perhaps her feelings will change on this if enough people encourage her to do so.

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