Mike Pence and Tim Kaine Prepare for Tuesday’s Vice-Presidential Debate

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Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence and Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine will face off on Tuesday in their only scheduled debate. This comes just one week after the first presidential debate took place between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Many in the Republican Party are hoping Pence can give the Trump campaign a boost after Trump’s less than perfect performance at the debate.

Pence is much less controversial than his running mate and has a lot more political experience than he does. This might serve him well in Tuesday’s vice-presidential debate where he goes up against an opponent who also has a long history in politics. Pence is currently the Governor of Indiana and used to be a Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Kaine was previously the Governor of Virginia and is currently a U.S. Senator. There is no doubt the debate between these two will be evenly matched, unlike those at the top of the tickets.

Political commentators believe Pence’s job at the debate will be more challenging because he has to defend Trump’s controversial policies and statements. So far, Pence has done a good job in defending Trump on a number of controversial issues such as not releasing his tax returns. But will Pence be able to defend Trump’s comments about calling the former Miss Universe of 1996 “Miss Piggy” and other derogatory remarks he’s made about women?

As for Kaine, his job will simply be to reiterate Clinton’s policies and her overall message about equality and economic opportunity for all. He’ll also get the chance to criticize Trump’s temperament in front of Pence, which will make for an interesting debate for sure. Will Pence be able to successfully balance the ticket and keep conservatives on Trump’s side? Many in the Republican Party believe Pence is the last hope to bring in new voters who are currently undecided.

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