Mitt Romney Has Private Meeting with Donald Trump

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Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney went to New Jersey on Saturday to have a private conversation with President-elect Donald Trump. The two met up at Trump’s golf course in New Jersey. Vice President-elect Mike Pence was also there alongside Trump to greet Romney. After they all shook hands, they went inside and had their private discussion.

When Romney was the Republican presidential nominee in 2012, Trump endorsed him. Unfortunately, Romney didn’t return the favor when Trump was running for president. Not only did Romney not endorse Trump, but he called him a “fraud” and criticized his failed business ventures like “Trump Steaks” and “Trump Airline.” It appears as if the two men have put aside their differences with the possibility that Romney may get to work in Trump’s cabinet.

The rumor right now is that Trump is considering Romney for the Secretary of State position. This could be what the two former rivals were talking about today, although that hasn’t been confirmed. About an hour after Romney went inside Trump’s building to talk with him, he came back out and made brief comments on what he discussed with him. Romney told reporters that he and Trump had an “in-depth discussion” about various aspects of world affairs and where the United States has interests that are significant. When Trump was asked about the meeting, he said “it went great.”

We already know that Trump and Romney have different opinions about America’s relationship with Russia. Romney once called Russia the United States’ “number one geopolitical foe.” As for Trump, he had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week where the two agreed to work together so that relations between their two countries can be improved. If Romney becomes the Secretary of State, he may have to go along with this.

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