Trees torching at the High Park Wildfire on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland on June 17, 2012. Tree torching occurs when a group of trees "torch" or go up in flames. The High Park Wildfire located approximately 15 miles west of Fort Collins, CO has consumed over 65, 738 acres of forest and grassland with approximately 189 homes destroyed. Over 1,773 personnel from the U.S. Forest Service (FS), state and local resources are fighting the wildfire and have achieved 55% containment as of June 20, 2012. The High Park Wildfire began on June 9. 2012 because of a lightening strike on private land. U.S. FS photo.

Multiple Wildfires Reported in Southern States

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There are reports of multiple wildfires burning in various southern U.S. states including Georgia and Tennessee. One report came from the metro area of Atlanta, Georgia about a smoky haze that is forming in the city by a wildfire nearby. The fire apparently started in the northern region of the Georgia mountains. The reason why Atlanta is experiencing a smoky haze is because of the gusty winds which are blowing the smoke from the mountains toward the suburbs and metro area of the state capital. Due to the heaviness of the smoke, it is causing reduced visibility for drivers on the road.

In Tennessee, another wildfire broke out in a forest close to the Kingsport. The forest fire ended up trapping seven firefighters inside of a blaze that surrounded them. Fortunately, these seven brave firefighters escaped unharmed and suffered no injuries. In North Carolina, there is an even bigger wildfire which has spread throughout over 300 acres of forestland. Crews on the ground are currently battling the wildfire to hopefully put it out. The problem is the heavy winds prevent any air support from assisting them in putting out the blaze. If helicopters could just fly over it, they could easily drop water onto the fire and put it out.

In Kentucky, there are dozens of wildfires taking place throughout the state’s eastern region. But the biggest hazard from these fires so far has to do with the smoke. Apparently, the smoke from the wildfires is so bad that a smoke inhalation advisory warning was issued to Kentuckians by the State Department of Public Health. They warned people that the air quality is very poor because of the smoke from the fires.

All these fires are spreading because of the winds. As soon as the winds die down, it will be much easier for firefighters to put these fires out.

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