Murder-Suicide in Alaskan Hotel Leaves Four Dead

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On Friday, a gunman killed himself and three other people at a Hampton Inn in Fairbanks, Alaska. Police have identified the gunman as McKay Hutton, 22, who is believed to have killed an 8-week old infant in addition to his wife and mother.

It all started when staff members of the hotel called the police about a “suspicious circumstance” that happened there. When the police arrived, they came upon a man crying to himself in the hallway of the hotel. The police soon discovered the bodies of four dead people who all appeared to have visible gunshot wounds.

The victims were Teagan Hutton who was 8-weeks-old, Linda Hutton who was 54-years-old, Emily Hutton who was 22-years-old, and the gunman McKay Hutton who was also 22. An investigation into their Facebook accounts showed that McKay and McDonald were a married couple who just had a kid two months before.

The man in the hallway who was crying when the police arrived has not been identified to the public. Police do not believe this man had anything to do with the shooting so he is not a suspect. They say the man is cooperating with police and telling them everything that he knows.

The strange thing is that McKay Hutton posted sweet messages on Facebook where he talked about loving his wife and that he was looking forward to spending many wonderful years together with her. So, what would possess a man who has a beautiful wife and a newborn child to kill them along with himself?

The motive behind this murder-suicide is a big mystery that the police are trying to solve. They’re probably going to look for anything that might have made him angry or depressed. Perhaps he couldn’t find a job or something happened to him that made him think his life was over. The answer is surely to be revealed in the coming days.

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