NASA’s Computer Program Can Detect Asteroids Five Days Before They Get to Earth

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There have been plenty of Hollywood movies about the end of the world or some apocalyptic event that needed to be prevented. Aside from global warming and nuclear war, scientists in real life worry about a big asteroid hitting the Earth and wiping out mankind. They already theorize that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs millions of years ago. If an asteroid like that were to hit again, it would kill all the humans on Earth for sure.

Fortunately, NASA scientists have the technology to detect asteroids before they hit. In fact, they developed a special computer application, which they named “Scout,” that can give scientists an early warning before an asteroid hits. During mid-October, NASA scientists tested out their program to see how quickly it could detect an oncoming asteroid. It turned out the program was able to detect an asteroid coming near the Earth about five days in advance.

Of course, this wasn’t a big asteroid that would have destroyed the planet if it did hit the Earth but it was still an asteroid nonetheless. It was roughly 310,000 miles from the Earth so there was nothing to fear from it. But if Scout can detect a smaller asteroid five days before it comes within 310,000 miles of the Earth, then it could certainly detect a larger asteroid five days or more in advance if it’s coming closer to the Earth.

NASA scientists are still working on this program so it can give a much bigger advanced notice. After all, if there was a big asteroid coming toward the planet, people would probably want more than five days to prepare for it. Scout is also being upgraded with the power to estimate the distance asteroids are from the Earth.

Human beings currently have the technology to stop a deadly asteroid if it were to come toward the Earth. But it helps to have as much time to prepare as possible. Scout will help mankind in this endeavor.

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