Netflix Introduces New Offline Viewing Feature

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The video streaming service “Netflix” is about to make it easier for people to watch movies and television shows. Normally, the only way you could watch anything was to log in to your Netflix account and get the content streamed to your computer or television in real time. This meant that you needed to have an active internet connection in order to watch this content.

But now, Netflix is introducing an offline option where you can download a limited number of television shows and movies onto your computer or digital television and then watch them offline at a later date. This offline feature will be free with all the available memberships offered by Netflix.

If you have a mobile iOS or Android device, you can access this feature by downloading the Netflix app and then choosing the download button when you want to download any content to watch offline. So, for example, if there are new episodes of a Netflix series that you want to watch later on when you’re going to do something unproductive, like waiting on the train or taking a lunch break at work, you can watch the offline content right on your mobile device without needing to be connected to the internet.

There are time limits set for how long you have to watch titles after you download them. Licensing agreements on various titles are what determine how long you have to watch them, so they all won’t have the same time. You also can’t download too many titles at the same time either. If you want to watch more titles, you have to delete a previously downloaded one and replace it with the new title.

Netflix previously said this offline feature would not be necessary until they realized its competitor Amazon Prime has offered this feature with their streaming service for over a year.

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