Netflix Plans to Increase its Amount of Original Content

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Netflix is widely known for their huge selection of movie and television show content. People can either download a video stream of the content over the internet or they can have DVDs of their favorite films or shows mailed to them. In the beginning, this was all third-party content that Netflix obtained licenses for in order to legally distribute them through their services. Then as Netflix got more popular and made more money, they started producing their own original content that was only available to their members.

In recent years, it seems like Netflix is producing more original content than ever before. Although they haven’t come out to publicly admit this, their long-term business strategy seems to be creating more original content. Reports indicate they plan to publish at least 1,000 hours of new original content to their members in 2017. This is 400 more hours than what was released in 2016, which had 600 hours.

There is no reason to believe that Netflix is going to stop licensing for other company’s movies and TV shows. They realize that their members still like to watch older content or perhaps a new movie that came out within the last couple of years which they haven’t seen before. So Netflix will probably still continue their normal movie and television licensing deals as they expand their media selection with their own content too.

Netflix currently charges $7.99 for their basic service, $9.99 for standard service, and $11.99 for premium. The differences mainly have to do with the high resolution option and the number of screens that can watch content at the same time. If you have a high definition television or a business with lots of televisions, then you might want one of the more advanced services. For people who just want to watch content on their laptop or phone, the basic service is good enough for that.

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