New Clinton Emails Discovered During FBI Investigation of Anthony Weiner

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Just when America thought Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was over. Recently, new Clinton emails were unintentionally discovered by FBI investigators who were searching through former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s computers and mobile devices for an entirely different reason. Their investigation into Weiner is in regards to him allegedly sending sexually suggestive comments and nude pictures of himself to an underage girl across state lines. In one picture, he even has his young child in the same room while he’s capturing it. This led the FBI to investigate Weiner to see if they could find any incriminating evidence to use against him pertaining to his texting with an underage girl. But what the FBI found instead were emails from Clinton’s private server that had not been seen by investigators before.

Weiner’s wife is Huma Abedin, who is one of Clinton’s top aides. Abedin separated from Weiner a few months ago after he was caught texting and sending pictures of himself to a girl just like he’s done multiple times in the past. Apparently, Abedin had used Weiner’s computers while they were still together. This would explain how some of Clinton’s emails could have wound up on Weiner’s computer.

FBI Director James Comey had already closed the investigation into Clinton sending classified information through a private server. Clinton was not charged with any criminal offense. However, these newly discovered emails will likely reopen the investigation and get a number of people in trouble. The one who may be in trouble the most is Huma Abedin because she testified under oath that she turned over all the emails. But now that new emails have been discovered on her husband’s computer, this could mean that she’ll be found guilty of lying under oath.

The news about the emails comes at a very bad time for Hillary Clinton because Election Day is just 11 days away. However, this is great news for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump who has wasted no time to capitalize on this damaging news for the Clinton campaign.

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