New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Keeps Sinking Lower

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seems to be keeping a lower profile around Donald Trump lately. Despite Christie being a very outspoken surrogate for Trump, he hasn’t appeared with him lately. Trump even went to Edison, New Jersey to attend a Hindu anti-terrorism event but Christie was not there. Why do you think that is? Perhaps it is because of Trump’s rhetoric or maybe it’s because of the leaked 2005 video where you can hear Trump saying that he likes to kiss and grope women.

No, the real problem for Christie has to do with his own affairs. The Bridgegate scandal from 2013 is still haunting him to this day. One of his aides is already going to trial for her part in closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge. Christie hasn’t been indicted on any criminal charges, but he still faces lots of criticism over the incident. Plus, his budget setbacks on infrastructure have made New Jersey worse instead of better. But the last straw was when he endorsed Donald Trump for president, even though he criticized him a lot during the Republican primaries when he was running against him.

Bridget Kelly, who was a former deputy chief of staff to Christie, is one of the defendants of the Bridgegate trial. She claimed Christie ordered the lanes closed and was also like a bully to her. She said he once threw a bottle of water at her over a disagreement about the format she planned for an event.

Donald Trump may become the one who doesn’t want to include Christie in his administration if he becomes president because of this scandal with the New Jersey governor. One thing is for sure, the Republican Party feels completely damaged in New Jersey. On top of that, Christie may have destroyed his own political career as well.

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