New Sanctions Imposed on North Korea by South Korea and Japan

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North Korea has vigorously tested nuclear weapons over the past few years. This has made the democratic countries of the world a bit nervous. Furthermore, North Korea has gone against the restrictions of the United Nations by conducting these tests which is why numerous countries have imposed sanctions on them.

On Friday, Japan and South Korea were the most recent two countries to impose sanctions against North Korea. Their objective is clearly to put pressure on North Korea and its Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to stop testing and threatening the use of nuclear weapons. Of course, these sanctions are more symbolic than anything else as it is not expected to persuade North Korea to change their actions.

These sanctions will hurt North Korea, though. What they will do is cut off their funding sources and prevent many top North Korean officials from doing any kind of business in South Korea. Without more money coming in, North Korea won’t be able to afford funding their nuclear weapons program and will have no choice but to abandon it.

In addition, the Japanese government has now banned Japanese ships from coming back to Japan if they had previously stopped at any port in North Korea. They’ve also blacklisted 58 people so far from being allowed to renter Japan because they’ve previously traveled to North Korea. These actions are likely being enforced in order to show the world how big a threat Japan considers North Korea to be.

North Korea has already made propaganda video simulations which show them sending a nuclear bomb to Washington D.C. and destroying historical monuments. No one knows for sure how serious they are about their intent to harm others in the world, but every incitation has got to be taken seriously.

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