New Theory Emerges About Anne Frank’s Capture After 72 Years

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You probably already know the story of the Jewish girl named Anne Frank and how she hid from the Nazis for two years in Amsterdam during World War II. She had to keep herself hidden away inside secret rooms so that the Nazis wouldn’t discover her. Frank knew that if she were to open a window, make any kind of loud noise or even make a phone call to someone, then she would be discovered and sent to a concentration camp to die.

In the summer of 1944, her worst fears came true after a series of investigators found their way into the house that she was staying in. When they arrived, they found a movable bookcase which led to the secret rooms that Frank was hiding in, along with seven others who were staying there too. After they were discovered, they were immediately rounded up and sent to concentration camps. The Holocaust claimed the lives of seven out of eight Jews who had been discovered. Frank was one of these seven who died.

Anne Frank’s father, Otto, had always wondered how the Nazi investigators were able to discover their secret hiding place. He figured somebody close to them must have tipped the Nazis off but he never found out who. Historians have wondered this same thing during their debates about the subject over the last 72 years. According to the Anne Frank House Museum staff, they have a new theory about how Frank was discovered.

Originally, historians thought that the Nazi investigators who discovered Frank and the other Jews were associated with the Sicherheitsdienst. This was an organization that tracked down all known threats to the Nazi regime that Adolf Hitler had organized. But now, researchers have uncovered new information about these investigators which suggests that they weren’t looking for enemies of the Nazi party after all. Instead, they were simply tracking down people who had dodged the military draft or committed fraud with their ration cards. In other words, these investigators may have just stumbled upon the secret hideout by accident with no intention of looking for Jews.

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