Next CEO of Coca-Cola Will Try to Cut Calories in Their Products

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James Quincey is going to be the new CEO of Coca-Cola next year. Coca-Cola is a 130-year-old company that has come a long way. However, studies show that the new generation of soda drinkers want healthier alternatives to the traditional soft drinks which have lots of calories and sugars in them. That is why Quincey’s job next year will be to find a way to reduce the calories in the company’s beverage products.

Now you may be thinking that people could just drink Diet Coke if they want to cut calories. The problem with that has to do with the unhealthy artificial sweeteners in it. People are a lot more educated about the dangers of artificial sweeteners than they used to be. Sugar substitutes like aspartame, which is what makes Diet Coke taste sweet, is something that consumers are starting to cut back on or avoid altogether.

Quincey is currently the chief operating officer of Coca-Cola and he has made a pledge to bring Coca-Cola into the 21st century by modernizing its products so that they meet the demands of millennials and the newer generations of soda drinkers. He knows that consumers are now able to research the ingredients in products more carefully because of the internet. Not only that, but consumers are making more online purchases than ever before.

A few ideas that are floating around the company to cut calories is to create smaller sized beverage bottles. That way the existing products that have sugar in them will have reduced calories simply because the serving size is smaller. Coca-Cola also has over 200 drink formulas in the works for creating a soda that has less sugar and a healthier sweetener to replace it. If they can perfect this formula, then Coca-Cola will be able to thrive amongst health-conscious consumers throughout the 21st century.

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