NFL Player Joe McKnight’s Suspected Killer Released from Custody

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On Thursday afternoon, former NFL player Joe McKnight was driving in a suburb of New Orleans called Terrytown when he was shot to death in his vehicle. Authorities are calling this a road rage incident but they have not brought charges against anyone yet. The man they had in custody was 54-year-old Ronald Gasser, but they released him without charges on Friday.

When authorities arrived at the scene of the incident, Gasser’s vehicle was sitting right next to McKnight’s vehicle in the middle of a busy intersection. McKnight was found with gunshot wounds while Gasser had a weapon. Responders tried performing CPR to revive McKnight but he still died anyway. Gasser voluntarily gave up his weapon to the officers at the scene. They didn’t find any weapon in McKnight’s vehicle. So, from the way it looks, Gasser must have shot McKnight.

Authorities are now trying to piece together the motivation behind the shooting. One witness stated to investigators that the two had briefly exchanged words with each other prior to the incident. One statement made was “I told you not to mess with me,” whatever that meant.

Sheriff Newell Normand made a public statement where he confirmed that Gasser was the shooter, but he still doesn’t know why he shot McKnight. Once investigators find the reason behind the shooting, it will be up to the district attorney as to whether charges will be filed against Gasser or not. Until then, this is likely going to spark angry protests in New Orleans and in other cities throughout the country.

This is actually the second road rage shooting this year that killed a former NFL player. Another NFL player named Will Smith was fatally shot back in April while in downtown New Orleans. The shooter in that incident, Cardell Hayes, received a 2nd degree murder charge over Smith’s death.

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