Officer Shoots Student at Reno High School for Brandishing a Knife

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Authorities from the Washoe County School District have confirmed that a campus police officer shot a student at a Reno high school after he was caught brandishing a knife on the campus. Apparently, witnesses video recorded the incident on their cell phones and then published the videos on social media. The name of the high school where the shooting took place was Hug High School.

The knife brandisher who was shot is a 16-year-old student of the school. The teen is reported as being injured only, and he was transported to Reno’s Renown Hospital to get treatment for his gunshot wound. There are still no reports as to the severity of his injury or whether he’ll live or not. Authorities claim that no other people were injured on the campus except for the student. Fortunately, nobody was actually stabbed by the student and it is unknown if the student would have actually stabbed someone with his knife or if he was just messing around.

Reno Police Officer Tim Broadway gave a statement where he claimed that the authorities are still investigating the incident and are trying to see if other weapons may have been involved. Hug High School is currently on lock down until the investigation has been completed. There are no other attackers at the school and it appears as if this is an isolated incident.

According to a witness, the incident started after two male students got into a fight near the school library. The witness saw one student take out a knife and then wielded it in front of the other student. It appeared as if he was going to stab the other student, which is when the campus police officer shot him in the shoulder. The student immediately hit the ground and it caused a panic in the school. It is unclear if the second student was actually stabbed or not, but more details are expected to be released soon about that.

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