Oscar-nominated Actor Gary Busey Accused of Groping on “The Apprentice”

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Recently, numerous women have come forward alleging that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had groped or kissed them without consent over a span of many years. There was also an audio tape where you can hear Trump bragging about doing these things to women, which came out one week before his accusers stepped forward. But now, he’s not the only one in the Trump circle to get accused of such acts.

According to a female staffer who worked on Trump’s former reality TV show “The Apprentice,” actor Gary Busey had groped her behind the scenes when he was a contestant on the show. She also claimed that Donald Trump merely brushed it off and chuckled about it after he was made aware of what Busey had done to her.

The staffer described how Busey had stuck his hand between her legs and grabbed her private area while he was a contestant on the show in 2011. Not only that, she claimed he grabbed her breasts and even forced her to touch his crotch with her hand. Five other staffers that worked on the show also confirmed the woman’s claim. When they told Trump, he just chuckled and didn’t do anything about it.

Busey is considered by some to be a high-profile actor. In 1978, he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for playing Buddy Holly in the film “The Buddy Holly Story.” His career had many highs and lows after that movie came out, but he has still grown a loyal fan base who loves him.

So far, Busey has not commented on these allegations made by the female staffer. If he is guilty then he likely won’t say anything at all. If he is innocent, then he’ll surely come forward soon and deny that he did any of those actions.

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