Over 1,100 Law School Professors Are Against Sessions Being Attorney General

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Over 1,100 professors at law schools throughout the United States are part of a group that is urging the United States Senate to reject Senator Jeff Sessions as the nominee for U.S. Attorney General. On Tuesday, the group of professors sent a letter to Congress that was signed by all of them. These professors are from 48 states and 170 law schools around the country.

The basic argument in the letter is that Sessions does not have a track record of fighting for equality and justice for the American people. These law professors believe that Sessions will not be fair when it comes to enforcing the laws of the nation. One of the biggest fears is that he won’t be fair when it comes to civil rights laws and racial equality.

The law professors referenced numerous incidences throughout Sessions’ career where he seemed to fight against people’s civil rights. In 1985, Sessions was responsible for prosecuting three civil rights activists in Alabama who were accused of voter fraud. Sessions also believed that a wall should be built along the U.S. southern border to keep illegal immigrants from Mexico out of the country. Worst of all, Sessions has fought against legislation efforts which tried to give more rights to women and people from the LGBTQ community. In 1986, a federal district court judge told Sessions that he was “too racially insensitive.”

Sessions was one of the first people that President-elect Donald Trump nominated for his administration. He was also very supportive of Trump on the campaign trail and if there’s one thing that Donald Trump admires, it is people who stay loyal to him. But, is Jeff Sessions really going to be loyal to the country? That is the biggest concern that many people have about him right now. We’ll just have to wait and see if the Senate accepts the nomination of Sessions to the position of Attorney General.

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